Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PCOS & Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hello ladies! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Today's post subjects are one that are very dear to me.

If you don't already know, September is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) as well as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. My mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when I was young ( I don't really remember it, guess I was too young or just blocked it out), but did have to end up having a full hysterectomy after my sister was born. And when I was in 10th grade I was diagnosed with PCOS. I don't share this with many people because I have many of the more embarrassing symptoms, but I feel so much kindness in this community and if I could help just one woman feel that she's not alone then it's totally worth it!

If you would like more information on PCOS please visit the PCOS Foundation's website. They have information on what PCOS is, testing, doctors, types of treatment and links to support groups.

It just so happens that the awareness color for both is teal. So, for the month of September I will be sporting teal colors on my toes. But, since nobody wants to see my toes, I bring you a teal mani. I used LA Colors Atomic and an unnamed LA Colors Metallic for this mani.

Atomic is a gorgeous teal jelly that covers nicely in two coats, but for full opacity you would need at least 3. What you see above is two coats. The unnamed metallic covered fully in two. I topped those off with one coat of NYC's Matte Me Crazy topcoat.

So, there you have it. As I said both of these are very near to my heart, and I am proud to show my support. And if you think you may have PCOS please talk to your doctor.

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed! J

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