Friday, September 28, 2012

F4 Halloween Collection

Good evening ladies,

Today, for you viewing pleasure I have three polishes from F4's Halloween Collection. I got these a few weeks ago but I hid them from myself, so forgive me if you've seen these on other blogs already :). I received Hocus Pocus, Drunken Zombie and Boo To You. ( I also got a non-Halloween one that you will see soon)

First let's start with Hocus Pocus. This on is so pretty. In the second bottle shot above you can see the sparkle thanks to the blurriness  It has a purple holo glitter, green glitter, as well as green and matte glitter all in a clear base.
sun, no flash
I did three coats (no undies). I had no issues with dragging, went on very smoothly.It can be layered or worn on it's own. From far away it looks opaque. And I love the sparkle from the holo! Just gorgeous.
sun, w/flash

Next, we have Boo To You. It's a clear base with black hex and diamond glitter, as well as orange small and medium hex glitters. Of the three this is my least favorite, although I still like it.
sun, no flash

This is also three coats, with no undies. This is defiantly made to be layered, thought it does look fine on it's own, as long as you don't mind vnl. Once again, no issue with the application. I didn't even have to dig for the diamond glitter, which is unusual for me because I suck at getting the good glitters out of the mini bottles lol.
sun, w/flash

And lastly, we have my favorite of the bunch: Drunken Zombie. This is another one of those weird colors that I love! It has black, purple and green matte glitter, as well as gold and pruple holo glitter in a yellow-greenish base. It has been compared to a booger colored base lol.
sun, no flash

This is two coats, no undies. This one, as well as the others, are extremely well made. I had no issues with application or glitter distribution. I love the sparkle of this one too! This is one I'd wear all year round.
sun, w/flash

All of these, and many more are available in their etsy shop. The other's in their Halloween collection are Monster Mash, Green Goblin, Nightmare Forest, and Krazy Korn. I hope I can at least get my hands on Monster Mash soon. And don't forget to 'Like" them on facebook to stay up to date on everything.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed! :)

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