Tuesday, July 31, 2012

F4 Polish: Strawberries, Mint and some Piper

Good morning ladies, today I have an indie polish review for you. These are my first indies (as you already know) and I am hooked! I am itching to buy more, more, more...anybody wanna let me borrow their credit card? lol I'm only joking (anyone?)

 The ladies at F4 Polish were kind enough to send me three of their polishes to review. I couldn't get the package opened fast enough when they came. I received Strawberry Shortcake, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Piper. I have been drooling over Strawberry Shortcake for months, so when asked which ones I'd like to review I requested that one, and asked for them to pick the rest. They must have known about my love of all things mint too.

**Warning, this post is kind of picture heavy** so join me after the break to see these lovelies in action!
First up we have Strawberry Shortcake. It is a pink base with red, silver, and pink micro glitters and matte white hex glitter. It applied very nicely with no dragging. I didn't get many of the white glitters, but I didn't wanna dig, I wanted to show you how it naturally applied.
This is one coat on pinkie, two coats on my ring finger, three coats on my middle, two coats over Zoya Laurie on my pointer and 2 coats over white on my thumb:

Next up is Mint Chocolate Chip. It is a mint green base with brown micro glitters. It really does look like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Again no digging for the glitters, although I didn't really need to.
This is also one coat pinkie, two coat ring, three coat pointer, but one coat over Zoya Wednesday on pointer, and 2 coats over white on thumb:

And lastly is Piper. It is a clear base with various shades of purple and matte white micro glitter, and light purple and white hex glitters. I swatched one coat of this and knew that I wanted to show it with an undie. So this is two coats over three coats of CG Lemon Fizz ( I finally brought myself to use it) I definitely didn't need to dig for the glitters in this one:

Overall, I really like these. Strawberry Shortcake seemed like you might need to dig if you wanted the hex glitter on every finger, although that might be from it being in the mini bottle. Mint Chocolate Chip actually ended up being my favorite one, it will be getting alot of use.In fact, I'm gonna have to set up a "F4 Polish Fund" so that I can get a full size bottle of it and I also want to try Mermaids Tail. 
You can buy F4 Polish through their Etsy shop, and be sure to follow them on facebook as well. Full size bottles are $8 and minis are $3.50 by custom order. All of their polishes are the big 3 free.

What do you guys think, do you own any of these, are you wanting any of these? Let me know down below. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day :)

**The products in this review were provided for review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.**

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