Monday, July 23, 2012

Stamping Fail

Good morning ladies, today I have a nail art fail for you. This is about a week old but I couldn't find these pictures for anything. Turns out they were in the folder with my cats

I was enjoying my Zoya Kristen so much I didn't wanna take her off but she was starting to wear out. I decided to add some stamping. Now, this is not the my first attempt at stamping. But, this is the first that I have taken pictures of because the rest were just a smear of polish on the nail. At least with these you can kinda tell what the stamp was.

No right hand pictures today. By the time I got to the right hand the stamper wasn't picking up the polish. I even tried filing the end a bit, which I've heard helps, and still nothing. I just gave up and took it all off. I have not given up though, I intend to get some better plates and some stamping polish.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

*don't forget you can click the pictures to enlarge them*


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