Monday, July 30, 2012

mmmmm Jelly :(

Good morning ladies, I decided that I was gonna try to make my very first jelly sandwich today. And once again I managed to create a big ol' fail. I don't think it was all me though. The Kleancolor that I used was just a mess. The base was really gloopy and I had to fish for the glitter hearts, whip them on paper and then apply them to my nail with tweezers. Anyway, the pictures below are two coats of Zoya Laurie, what should be one coat of Kleancolor Twinkly Love and another coat of Laurie.

Another problem I had was that Laurie was too sheer for the thickness of the glitter hearts. Maybe a second coat on top would have helped but I was just frustrated by this point. I got so irritated with the whole mess that by the time I got to my thumb I was ready for something else. So, I swatched one coat of F4 Polish Strawberry Shortcake. Even though I only got one of the white glitters I still thought it was gorgeous. I love the micro red glitter!

So, a fail overall, but that one coat of Strawberry Shortcake started to pull me out of the funk that the Kleancolor caused. But I am not giving up on jelly sandwiches. I have seen so many pretty ones. I just need more practice. I will warn you now to be prepared for more fails lol.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day!

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