Thursday, July 19, 2012

NOTD: Cayman Cabana

Good morning ladies, today I have for your viewing pleasure Lex Cosmetic's Cayman Cabana. This little jem came from Sneakpeeq. If you haven't heard of it, Sneakpeeq gives you 20 peeqs per day, each peeq gives you the price of the item. A couple weeks ago after you peeqed at about 10 things you got a $10 credit. Luckily the polishes were only $10! If you know me you know I love free polish.

I'd never heard of this brand, but I'm always up to try new things. This was not the color I wanted but my second choice ( my first choice being sold out ). Sneakpeeq says the name was Who's That Girl but according to the bottle and company website it's called Cayman Cabana. It really does resemble the water of the Cayman islands. Another bonus? 10% of  the money from each polish sold goes to the World Wildlife Fund.

Ok, enough of  my blabbering, on to the polish:

It's really pretty in the bottle, right? But wait, it's even more gorgeous on the nail!
 * I got a little clean-up happy, plz ignore that*

Cayman Cabana is a sea foam green, sort of light mint creme polish. It sort of reminds me of Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet, but IRL it seems a shade darker. I am in love with this. I am also in love with the formula. It went on very smoothly. I used 3 coats cause I was impatient and messed up the second coat, but had I waited this would have been a two coater.

While it is no longer available on Sneakpeeq you can get it on the companies website. It retails for $10.

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