Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raiding the fiancée's Stash:NOTD

Evening ladies. Today is the first day in a couple days that it hasn't been rainy or cloudy so I decided it would be a good day to use a polish that would be just beautiful in the sun. After digging through my polishes and not finding anything I thought would be good I dove into the  fiancée's stash. Her's is really little, only about 10 polishes and they fit in a gift box from the dollar store. Most of the polishes that she buys is because of the names, hence what I have to show you today: Gray's Anatomy by WetnWild. 

Gray's Anatomy is a really pretty duochrome polish that shifts between purple, green, and silver. And in some lighting you can get some pink or blue. It was also very sheer and a little runny. What you see in the pictures is three coats on all fingers except my pinky, which is four, and there is still some VNL. I was very pleased with the dry time, it was about 1 to 2 minutes between each coat. So good for someone whose impatient like me.

direct sunlight
inside w/flash

The only problem that I really had with this was actually with the brush. It kept leaving these little black fuzzies on my nail. But I just used the brush to move it to the end of the nail and then picked it off with some tweezers. Also, this is one of those polishes that likes to show every little brush stroke. I found that my top coat took care of most of the them and the rest don't really bother me. But, I saw a blog the other day that said using an eye shadow applicator to sponge the last coat on can eliminate the problem. As, I don't wear make-up I don't have any to test the theory.

Overall, I like this polish. In some lighting I think it's a little too dull for me as I like bold, bright colors that really pop. But when I want a polish that is constantly changing I'll reach for this one. I'm sure she won't mind me always borrowing hers right?

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