Sunday, July 22, 2012

China Glaze Light As Air

Good morning lades, today's post is about my first time...with China Glaze! I recently got my first two from copious. I got Light As Air and one of my biggest lemmings, Lemon Fizz. Friday the 13th was actually a good day for me!

I decided to use Light As Air first. You know how it is when you get something that you've wanted for a while but can't bring yourself to open it? That's how I am with Lemon Fizz. It's just sitting on my desk, and if I feel a little sad, I look over at it and it cheers me up. (God that makes me sounds crazy lol)

Light As Air is a super light lilac cream from the Spring 2010 Up and Away Collection. Depending on the lighting it can also look grey. Just like with most pastels it has a tendency to streak. The first coat was really bad but the second covered all that nicely. It was a little on the thin side but not enough to really cause any problems. You just have to be patient and careful with it. Which as you can tell from the pictures I wasn't.

inside, artificial light
inside, with flash
outside, natural light
and for a special treat, my right hand
Despite my poor application, I really like this polish. And for 1¢ I am super happy with it. I can't wait to try Lemon Fizz and will defiantly be getting more of this brand. In fact, I'm heading over to Copious and see if I can find some more. Enjoy your day!

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  1. How Cool! Your nails look great. You do a good job with polish,.. Me, I would have it all over the place, that is why I hardly ever polish my nails. The other reason is that most polish stains my nails and I hate that.

    1. awww thank you... I usually end up with it all over my cuticles as well but I use q-tips dipped in remover to clean it up. I hate stains too, I have one polish that always leave stains, even when I use a base coat


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