Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nails of the Day: Double Dose

Afternoon ladies! Today I  have a special treat for you...not one but two NOTD.I took some time out from housework to do our nails. We always can use a break, right? Join me after the jump for the prettiness.
The first is my fiancée's. She chose NYC's Water Street Blue and Sally Hansen's Limestone. She's never been one to go with the traditional one color mani.

two coats of each

Next up we have mine. I went with Zoy'a Kristen. I love this polish but I think I was just having (another) bad nail day cause I just couldn't seem to even it out good enough. I didn't have this problem the last time I used it though. This was two coats, it could have used a third, but I HATE odd numbers! lol, I'm just weird like that.

And there you have it. I guess now its back to housework for me (yay!) Also, I will be working on updating (and hopefully keeping it updated) the Giveaway page sometime today. Don't forgot to like my fb page where I share all the giveaways that I find also.

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