Friday, August 3, 2012

Tip Top Nail Chic

Good morning ladies, today I have swatches and a review of four polishes from Tip Top Nail Chic. Tip Top is a South Africa based company. All of their polishes are cruelty and the big 4 free. I really liked the formulas on these, and most of them covered well in two coats but I used three for some. My favorite thing about them was the brushes, they are wide and flat and covered the nail in 3 swipes, giving you streak free application.Dry time on these were really good. It was about 2-3 mins per coat. I received Pink Lady, Solar Flare, Black Forest and Space Cadet.
*This is pic heavy, so join me after the break*

First up we have Pink Lady: it is a mid level pink creme. It sort of reminded me of Kleancolor's Barbie Pink, but is a shade lighter. These photos are before clean-up so that you could see how little I had to do.This is two coats. There was no dragging, pulling or streaking. I loved this polish.

Next up we have Solar Flare: it is a reddish-orange creme. It does lean slightly more orange irl, but the pics make it look red. This too was two coats. Same as before no dragging, pulling or streaking. This was probably my least favorite just because I'm not really a red kinda person. And again, pictures are before clean-up.

Next is Black Forest: it is just your basic black. It it very close to LA Colors Black Velvet, but the formula is a million times better! This is the only black that I have found that leaves no bald spots. I very seldom wear black because of bald spots, and I actually only own one black, but I'll be picking this up more often. This took three coats but the color payoff is totally worth it. *Please excuse my hack clean-up job*

And lastly, my favorite, Space Cadet: this is a dark blue jelly with blue shimmer. This color is absolutely gorgeous! It being a jelly it took three coats. The first coat was an ugly blue, nothing like the bottle color, and I got a little worried. But the second coat calmed my fears, and I was thrilled with the third. Just like all the rest there was no dragging, pulling or streaking. I wish I could have captured the shimmer :(.

You can find Tip Top on their Facebook page or their Website. Unfortunately there is nowhere in the US to buy them :(. But the lovely Joan on their fb page says that they are planning on having online sales soon, but you can order directly from them now. The polishes run just under $5 and shipping is around $32. Or maybe if you know someone in South Africa you could swap for them. If you can get your hands on them I urge you to try them.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of you day!

**The products in this review were provided for review.I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.**

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