Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

Good evening ladies, I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating all the fathers in their lives. I am very excited about the post today. This is the first product that was sent to me by a company to review. I was shocked because my blog is so new and has such few followers. But I think that it's nice of them to give new bloggers a chance to review their products as well. Ok ok, I know, enough ranting, you're ready for the pictures. lol
 Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is a new take on the shatter trend. It combines the shatter with the base color in one. I like this concept because as you can see from their promo picture it lets you get more creative with your designs.Since this was my first time using this I didn't get creative, but I can't wait to.

It comes packaged with the white base color, the shatter color and a mini record shaped nail file
I received the blue and the orange, but there is also a purple, pink, yellow and green. 
the orange is called Rave

the blue is called Rock Star

First you apply the Platinum Magic Base Coat. This was opaque in two coat, but i was kinda runny.

Then you apply the shatter. I find that the less you apply the more shatter that you get. This is kinda runny as well and it globed on my left pinky, so I barely have any shatter on there. The blue was my favorite of the two.

This drys to a matte finish, so I would recommend a topcoat. This is the first shatter that I've used so I'm not sure if this is a common thing among them.

Some people have been saying that they couldn't get it to crackle without the platinum base coat. So I decided to test it without a base coat and with just a plain white polish base coat.
The left side is without a base coat, the middle is with the platinum base coat, and the right is just a plain white polish as the base coat.Obviously is doesn't work without a base coat at all. But, it works pretty good with just a plain white polish. Is everyone as tired of reading the word base coat as I am of typing it? lol

Well, there you have it and I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures.I think that the possibilities for nail art are endless with these. Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is available at Wal-Mart and has been out since May, but i haven't seen it in mine yet. 

Are there any that you wanna try or are you over the whole shatter/crackle faze? Leave me a comment down below, I love to hear from yall.

*btw: How cute are the files that comes with the polish?

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