Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mint Sorbet

Hello guys, how's your day going?
 I tried to hold off on painting my nails until my new polishes got here, but there was one bottle that just kept calling my name, Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet. I got this a couple of months ago for my birthday from my finacee, after wanting it for months!

Mint Sorbet is part of the Xtreme Wear line. Its a beautiful creamy mint green. I love this color. It was opaque in two coats, although it is kinda streaky, but not too much that you really notice. The formula is kinda gloopy, so you have to take your time when applying. I also love the Xtreme Wear brushes, they are flat on the sides and it makes then easier to clean off and easier ( for me) to use. Overall, I say that the problems are definetly worth the color pay off. So, on the pictures!


the first three have no topcoat:

the next three have a topcoat:

I also tried to get some pictures of the brush but it's hard to show the flatness of it:

So there you have Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen. Have any questions or just have something to say? Leave me a comment, I wold love to hear from you! Have a great day


  1. Really cute color. Really does look like mint. :-D

    P.S: Did you know that your blog makes people type the captcha words every time they comment? Lol.. I hate those captchas and I have hard time figuring out the words, so if you can please take it off, it'll make commenting easier. If you check under "comment settings" on your blogger dashboard, you'll see how to take it off. :-)

  2. thank you...i changed it, didnt know that it was doing that..i hate those things too :)


Got a question or just something that you wanna say? Leave me a comment...I love hearing from you guys!


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