Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Born Pretty Store Mermaid Nail Stencils Review

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Hello loves, welcome back. I hope you all having a nice week. Today I'm starting the latest round of reviews on some new Born Pretty Store products. I've started scheduling my post out in hopes to stay on track. First up is a product that finally allowed me to do a mani I've been wanting to do for years.
I've always wanted to do a mermaid scale mani but I couldn't find an image that I loved that's available. They only one I really like is from MASH 41. Anyway, these stencils (Item # 23525) are the next best thing. You get 12 stencils which is nice if you're like me and screw the first few up lol. And the holo makes them pretty to look at.
At first I tried using them the traditional way of sticking them over a dry base, painting in the cutouts and lifting off the stencil. I couldn't get them to lay flat enough so most of the scales came out as blobs. Luckily I came across this tutorial from Adventures in Acetone and the day was saved.

This time I applied the stencil to my BM Lotus Mat and painted over it with OPI Love Angel Music Baby and pulled it up. Once that was dry I went over it with a coat of Zoya Estelle.
While those were drying I applied a coat of Estelle to my nails and some liquid latex around them. After I peeled up the decal I also applied a thin coat of topcoat to my nails to give them something to stick to. I used acetone and a brush to clean up the excess decal. 

I loved the finished mani, and even though I had a little trouble with them at first I really like these stencils. I have half of them left so I'll be saving them for accent nails until I can get some more. I do plan on trying to use them as intended again. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

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