Sunday, January 31, 2016

Born Pretty Store Chevron Nail Tape Review

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Hello loves, welcome back. I hope you're all enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday. Another Born Pretty review today, this time on something I thought I'd moved on from but was intrigued by just the same. Chevron nail tape (Item #23383).
I had vowed to myself I would never use striping tape again after vynils but for the amount you'd get on a roll I was curious lol. The strips separate into three sections and are on a paper backing which makes them easier to remove. I did use the top and bottom sections but didn't photograph them.

I went with a red, pink and white theme so I could recycle this for another day lol. The pink is an unnamed pastel mini that came in a nail art kit, the red is OPI Love Is In My Cards. The pink was runny and I didn't have the tape secured all the way in some places so it got a little wonky on a couple nails. Over all I'm pleased with this.

I actually liked this much better than I expected. The paper backing makes it much easier to find out where you left off compared to normal striping tape. I still think I'll stick to nail vynils, they are little more durable. What do you ladies think? As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Born Pretty | $1.59 | Facebook | PANW10=10% OFF

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