Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zoya Entice Collection Swatches & Reivew

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Today I have the Zoya Entice collection to share with you. This is one half of the fall release from Zoya, and the one that I was most excited for. Make sure you check out my post of the other half, Ignite, if you haven't already. This is quite pic heavy so make sure you click more below.

Let me start by saying that the formulas on these were a little thinner and runnier than I was expecting. They do have a tendency to pool in your cuticle if you are not careful. I was not expecting that and as you will see with the first polish I had some trouble. That said, once you know what to expect there aren't any other application issues. They self-level nicely and dry really quick. I've seen lots of other blogger who didn't have this problem so you might not either.If fact I'm pretty sure I just got a bad batch. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware it could be an issue for some.

Veronica: described as a "brilliant red wine" I found this to be lighter than the photos that Zoya has. That being said I absolutely love this color. It's almost a one coater but I went with two. I did find that it stained my skin a little but didn't have any on my nails. I have stamped with this and it worked nicely.

Margo: described as a "modern red plum". I loved this color too, I just wished I had added a third coat cause those lighter patches are annoying me.

Ryan: described as a "classic indigo". It should be no surprise that I love this, hello it's blue! And I don't have this particular shade so it's a welcome addition to my stash. I was worried about staining with this one but I didn't have any. I still would wear a good base coat when I wear it though. Two coats shown.

Genevieve: described as a "cool leather grey". I absolutely loved this color! I didn't care for it in the bottle but was blown away once it was on the nail. I think this one actually had the best formula on the six. Two coats shown.

Nyssa: described as a "milk chocolate brown". I think that description is spot on. In person it also reminded me of a nice pair of brown leather boots. If anyone would like to give me a pair I won't complain lol. Two coats shown.

Claire: described as a "warm, rich burgundy". I was not excited by the bottle shots of this one and I also didn't care for it in person. It kinda reminded me of scabs, not something I want on my nails lol. I'm sure that some people are gonna love it though. Two coats shown.

As long as you can overlook that these are kinda thin I think this is a nice collection of cremes. My favorites were Veronica, Ryan and Genevieve. I really want to marble with a few of these, maybe that thinness will come in handy. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Where To Buy:
Price: $9
Facebook: Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments
Instagram: @zoyanailpolish

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