Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zoya Petals Collection Swatch and Review

*Press Release*

Hello loves, welcome back. Today I have the latest polishes from Zoya to share with you. You know they are my favorite mainstream brand and I always look forward to spring collections but from the press release I wasn't really excited about it.

This collection consist of two cremes and four metallics, all with shimmer. Formula wise they were pretty good, a little thinner than I prefer but then again I do like them a little thick. The cremes all need three coats as they are a little streaky but the metallics are good with two (except the topper). All photos show topcoat.

Laurel: a warm pastel pink with the slightest hint of a sheen to mimic a petal soft finish. I've seen some photos of this that remind me of Zoya Kitridge with a shimmer. I loved the color but I do wish it would be a bit less streaky in two coats, shown in three.

Tulip: a pure pastel salmon creme with the slightest hint of a sheen to mimic a petal soft finish. At first glance this reminds me a lot of SC Coral Island (a favorite). Again I only wish it were less streaky, shown in three coats.

Zahara: a brilliant shimmering coral made modern with an opalescent effect. This one seemed to be the thinnest of the set, it was prone to running down the brush stem if I didn't clean it off enough. Shown in three coats.

Azalea: a classic spring pink with a captivating white and fuchsia flash. This one had me hooked from the first coat, it so fun and bright. Shown in two coats.

Aster: a fresh periwinkle with flecks of fuchsia to create a dewy finish. This is what I was really looking forward to, and it did not dissapoint! This is a stop what you're doing and wear me shade. Shown in two coats.

Leia: a sheer opalescent white with flexka of fuchsia, green and gold. You can wear this alone but it would take hella coats and I wasn't about to do that lol, I decided to layer it over dark purple. It is gorgeous! Shown in one coat.

I was so surprised that I liked these so much more in person, I didn't have high hopes at all. If I could only get one it would have to be Aster but I also really loves Azalea and Zahara. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)


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