Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spellbound Nails Easter Quartet Swatch & Review

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Hello loves, welcome back. Long time no post lol. I'm not sure if I've shared this before but my wife and I are caregivers for her grandparents, one of whom is bedridden, and when she gets sick it all falls to me. So that's where I've been at lately, not that I'm complaining, it just doesn't leave time for blogging. Anyway, today I have some Easter polishes from Spellbound Nails to share.

These all have a milky pastel crelly base with matching vibrant glitters. Like most pastels they are a little streaky on the first coat but even out nicely. The formulas are fantastic and since the glitters are on the smaller side there's not fishing required.  They are opaque in 2-3 coats but I went for 3 thinner ones. All photos show topcoat.

Bunny Butt: a baby pink crelly with large and small hot pink glitter. This one is super girly and cute, it makes me think of tea parties and dress up.

Who Cracked One?: a pastel green crelly with large and small green glitter. This one would also work well for St Patrick's Day, perfect if you want to me wear some green without going all out.

Hare Brained: a powder blue crelly with two sizes of dark blue glitter. I am in LOVE with those cobalt glitters, they really pop against the base. This one also seemed to have a slightly larger concentration of glitter.

Peep Show: a light lavender crelly with deep purple hex glitters. For some reason the word berry just keeps popping into my head when I see this.

The tentative release for these is today, however Ashley had to have a medical procedure yesterday so things may be a bit behind. I'd make sure to follow her social media, she's really good at announcing releases and keeping us updated.

I love the overall feel of these, they remind me of the speckled eggs. I wish I had thought to swatch these with a matte topcoat as well. My favorite is Peep Show. I know some people are turned off by milky polishes, but these are really good! What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, but I hope you enjoyed :)

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