Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spellbound Nails Spring 2016 Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello loves, welcome back. No St. Patty's nail art today, I just couldn't find the drive for any this year. I do however have a new collection from Spellbound Nails to share with you. If you are a fan of jellies, glow in the dark polishes or pond manis then I think you'll enjoy the Spring 2016 collection.
This collection consist of four glow in the dark jelly polishes with flecked shimmer. They all had a really nice formula, I was little worried about them getting goopy since the glow pigments can cause that but these were fine. They dry pretty quickly but matte so I recommend a topcoat. I was satisfied with the coverage after three coats but you could always layer them over a solid base if you like. All photos are with topcoat.

Birch, Please: a bright pastel pink jelly with blue flecked shimmer that glows pink in the dark. I loved the name on this one and while the polish is pretty it just wasn't my favorite.

I did have a weird experience with the glow in this one. The bottle glowed a beautiful pink but on my nails it was blue. I seemed to be the only one who this happened to though.

Late Bloomer: a bright pastel orange with golden orange shimmer that glows orange in the dark. This came off a bit more peachy toned on me but I really liked it. I've already done a pond mani with it so that'll be up pretty soon.

Again, the glow on this one was off for me. But I still think its pretty.

I Wet My Plants: a bright pastel green jelly with gold flaked glitter that glows green in the dark. I'm easily amused so I loved the name of this one lol. It was also my favorite of the set. I love the green and gold combo. This one reminds me of melted candy.

Yay, finally a glow that's what its supposed to look like. And boy is it bright!

Rain Check: a bright pastel blue jelly with electric blue flaked shimmer that glows blue in the dark. I really enjoy the electric blue glitter and shimmer she's been using lately. I think I may need to add another light to my setup, the bottle was starting to glow already.

Of all the glow colors blue has to be my favorite.

I wasn't really sure how I felt about these when I received them but I do quite like them. They have great potential for nail art and you can always layer them. My favorites were I Wet Me Plants and Late Bloomer. What do you ladies think? These release on Saturday, March 19th. As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

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