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Born Pretty Store plate BP-L007 & BP-L008 Swatch and Review

*The products featured in this post were provided to me by the company in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. For more info you can view my disclosure policy here.* 

Hello lovelies, today I have a review of two of the new rectangle plates from Born Pretty Store. I was very excited when I first saw that these were being released and I'm not even exactly sure why lol. I think it has to do with my boredom with round plates and I just like the look of rectangle plates. But enough about that let's get onto the review and see if they are worth picking up.
The first plate that caught my eye was BP-L007, which is called the Vintage plate but I refer to it as the damask plate. Now damask images are very popular but aren't something that I have ever really had an interest in..until a few weeks ago when I saw a gorgeous b&w design from A Girl and Her Polish (more on that in a future post). So I knew that I had to have this one!

It has three rows of five full nail images and then ten individual images on the right hand side of the plate. I swatched the entire plate below and the only trouble I found was my own error in that I wasn't rolling my stamper far enough to pick up the entire image on a few images. And example of that is circled in the picture.

I also tried out a couple of ideas with the plate. The first is the feather image from the bottom row stamped over white and led lighted with OPI Sheer Tint I Can Tea You Like Me. I might have to recreate this idea later with better colors. 
Next I stamped the crown image from the bottom row over Zoya Harper with Mundo de Unas Aqua. It's a bit off center but I love this as it looked much better in person! I was very impressed with how well all the little dots picked up. You can see it better in the swatch photo as I had some difficulty stamping onto the nail wheel, anyone have any tips for this issue?

The next plate that I just had to have was BP-L008, named the arabesque plate. This one I honestly only wanted for one image but no that I have it I can see myself using quite a few of them. This for me is really a stand in for one of the Pueen Encore plates until I finally get around to picking the set up. There is also an image that is similar to something that you might see from the MoYou London Kaleidoscope collection. As of writing this, this plate is sold out.

I again swatched the entire plate. The set-up of this one is a bit different. It has two rows of seven full size images and the bottow row has seven sorta french tip images. I'm not sure I'll ever use those but other people enjoy them. The only trouble that I had with one was with the fourth image from the left on the bottom row. I scraped every way imaginable and still couldn't get a complete pickup. This could be user error or just a bad plate. 

I, once again, tried a few ideas with this plate. The first I am definetly going to be recreating on myself, so don't be surprised if you see it again. This was also the image that I got the plate for lol. I did a sort of a dry brush technique on white the a few China Glaze neon pastel polishes and then stamped over it with Konad Black Gold. Again, my placement was off but I love love love the end result.
The second idea was something that I just slapped on as I couldn't resist China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard since it was just sitting on my desk waiting to be used lol. I stamped over it with Mundo de Unas Iris and the flower (?) sort of image from the middle row. While I'm not quite sold on the image I used I really do love the color combo. Don't be surprised if it pops back up later! Please excuse the hair on the nail wheel, the things you don't see until you crop, ugh.

I was also sent one of BPS new line of stamping polishes. They have sold stamping polishes for a while but now they have their own brand, which is what I have to show you. I was sent Born Pretty Gold and I was excited to try it since I am on the look out for a good one. 

I decided to test it out of a few colors that I had sitting on my desk as well (it's a mess right now). I used (from left) Pure Ice Love with plate BP-22, BEGL Never Danced Like This Before with plate QA91 and Cupcake Polish Yule Be Missing Me with plate BP-22 as well. It stamped pretty well over the pink and blue, better on the blue, but not so great over the purple (sorry that looks so blue). 
You can see it a little better in the second image and this was closer to how it looked in real life.

I also wanted to test it out over black and do a full mani with both of the plates in this post. I started with Zoya Willa and then stamped the gold with one of the individual images form BP-L007 and a full image from BP-L008. This works spectacularly over black! I added an accent nail of Love. Angel. Music. Baby from OPI on my pinkie.

Aside from the one image on the second plate I am super impressed with the rectangular plates form BPS. They are etched just as well as their in house brand round plates, which I am still working my way through all the ones that I picked up, and maybe even better than some of the octagon plates that you can get! :o Each plate is 12.5x6.5cm while the full images are 15x18mm on BP-L007 and 15x22mm on BP-L008 (I would have thought that they would have been the same on each plate, weird). While the stamping polish is not a holy grail gold (still on the look out for that) it is really nice. I'll have all the prices and shop info (and coupon code) down below. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Where To Buy: Born Pretty Store
Price: $5.99 (plates)|$4.99 (polish)
10% off code: PANW10

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