Sunday, November 9, 2014

Born Pretty Store Detail Brush and Rhinestone Picker Pen Review

*The products in this post were provided to me by the company in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. For more info you can view my disclosure policy here.*

Hello lovelies, I have quite the pic heavy review post for you today. This is the final review post in the latest round of items that I received from the Born Pretty Store. I was gonna break this up into two separate post but I decided to just lump them together, and I've also done a little bit of free hand nail art at the end. I wanted to choose something other than stamping plates to show you, so I chose some detail brushes and a rhinestone picker pen.

 First lets talk about the rhinestone picker pen. It comes in a set with a little try that is really nice for organizing and holding the stones so that they are not flying all over your work space. I don't know about you but I have knocking off those tiny stones and having to spend god knows how long searching for them lol. You can pick between a red or green plate.
 Inside the pen is a strip of wax which is what helps you pick up the stones and such. It comes with a little plastic covering on it, which I guess is to keep it from sticking to the inside, but mine was stuck anyway and I had some trouble getting it out.
 Now comes the fun part, which is shaping the wax and getting it to fit into the tip. I wish had recorded this process but apparently I was scatter brained that day. All I did though was roll the wax like you used to do with play-doh as a kid to make a snake and then stick it through the tip and kinda smoosh it back against it. This took a few tries to get it down to the right size.
 It did work really nicely though. It was so much easier than my regular method of dipping a dotting tool into top coat and then picking up the stones. I could see this really coming in handy if you do the full nail stone placement manis (something I still need to try).

Next is the detail brushes. You get a 12 pack, which is nice if you are like me and are still learning to trim brushes and end up ruining a couple in the process. The brushes are already fairly small which is good for normal detailing without being trimmed, For the mani below I used the brush straight out of the pack. I didn't have any trouble with the brush and all errors are from lack of free hand experience. I found the bristles to have a nice firmness (they didn't fan out too easily) and I didn't experience any shedding. I used acetone and rubbing alcohol to clean the brushes (depending on what I was painting with) and added a little bit of cuticle oil to the bristles at the end to keep them from becoming stiff. I like that they are different colors so I can have a different brush for each color. They also each come with a little plastic cap which is nice to keep them from getting damaged during shipping.

Using the brush and picker pen I recreated this design that I saw on Fairly Charming. Mine is nowhere near as good as Stef's, so make sure that you head over and check out her version. She did such an amazing job with those tress!
 I started with a gradient of WnW Black Creme, Zoya Savita, Whitney and Arizona. That was so gorgeous and I could have worn it alone and been happy. Not what I was going for though lol. For the trees and stars I used the same black creme and white acrylic. Why do I still not have black acrylic? Lol, this would have been much easier with it. I also added in a clear rhinestone for one of the bigger stars. I topped everything with a matte topcoat.

I am really happy with these products, they work really well and other then the wax being a little stubborn I didn't have any issues. I will say though that the review of the pen has been a long time coming as this is the third one that I have received, the first two not having any wax in them. The rep from BPS was always great about sending a replacement, I just thought that you should be aware of that. My favorite is probably the pen as I can see myself getting more use of it. All pricing info will be below, but right now until tomorrow the BPS is having a 20-80% sitewide sale in honor of their 4th Anniversary. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Where To Buy: Born Pretty Store
Price: Brushes $3.47 (less than 30 cents per brush!) Picker Pen $1.99
10% off code: PANW10

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