Thursday, January 30, 2014

The glare in her look, the ice in her stare...

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Today I have some water decals from RLR Creations to share with you. I've had these for a while but never used them on myself. The one time I used them on someone else didn't go so well. I won't base my opinions on that alone since I suck at doing other's nails. I have the Disney Villains to share with you.
One of my favorite Disney movies is 101 Dalmatians, so I went with a Cruella decal. I intend to get around to using that Ursula one sine The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie. You also get Malificent, Dr Facilier, Gaston, Drizella & Anastasia, Lady Tremaine, Jafar,
Grimhilde and Ratcliffe. You get two of each character. Using Cruella and the paw prints from Cheeky Jumbo 9 I came up with this.

As far as using the decals go its really simple. They don't come with a plastic cover on them (at least mine didn't) so all you do it cut out the one you want and dip it in water, then apply to your nail. Rachel has some instructions on her Facebook page in case you want a more in-depth how to. The biggest problem I had was that I didn't cut the decal small enough and had some hangover on the sides of my nails near the cuticle. Acetone doesn't easily dissolve it and it was kinda hard to clip it once it was already on the nail. That is a total user error though.
Sidenote** Why is white so hard to clean up? I always think I've gotten it all until I start cropping photos. :(

I have a completely different impression compared to the first time I used these. I don't know what the problem was last time but they wouldn't lay flat. This time they were perfect. I would definitely recommend them and I can't wait to get some more of her designs. I also see that she now has full nail wraps. I'll have all the shopping info linked below.

What do you ladies think? I love decals because there's no way I'll ever be able to free hand movie characters lol. As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

website/shop: RLR Creations
Item: Disney Villains
Price: $2.25-4.99 + free US shipping!
Facebook: RLR Creations


  1. Very cute manicure!! I love that movie going up too :)

  2. Thank you Lisa. I may be almost 25 but sometimes I still need the comfort you get from watching a Disney movie lol :)


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