Saturday, January 11, 2014

Incoco's Valentinen's Day 2014 Collection: Sweet Surprise

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It may only be January but Incoco has already announced their Valentine's Day collection. It's filled with pink and red and little something for everyone. Well, unless you don't like pink that is. :)
"In the spirit of Valentin's Day, the collection is awash with pretty pinks and delightful designs. Made With Love features a delectable sugar-spun red to pink gradient. Love Spell's notebook doodles echo the side effects of a powerful crush. Silver and pink hearts swap places in Double Date's glittery, playful pattern Truly brings a love letter romance to your fingertips. Sweet Surprise, with sprinkles of glitter on pale pink, is a perfect treat during this celebration of love."-Incoco

Made with Love: I love this one since I don't have the patience to do those gorgeous sugar spun nail art

Love Spell: I like the hearts, not quite sold on the ribbon, bow thingies lol

Yours Truly: very cute, perfect if you don't want to mess with stamps

Sweet Surprise: I think you'll either love or hate this one. I'm not a bar glitter fan myself.

Double Date: Not sure what I think of this one yet

Like I said, a little something for everyone. My favorites are Made with Love and Yours Truly. Which one/s do you like best? I will try to have the up before too late. Not sure if I want to do full manis with them, use them as accents for nail art or a mix of both. Which would you like to see?

This collection will be available starting January 14, 2014 on Incoco's website and wherever Incoco Nail Appliques are sold.
Price: $8.99
Facebook: Incoco 

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. They are all cute. I wore Made With Love last week. Unfortunately, a meeting was sprung on me at work where I had to do some training and I felt my nails were a little too loud considering one of our VP's sat in on the meeting! Grrr. I try not to have loud/fancy nails when I know I will be doing something like this at work but apparently I failed that day. I would have died if I had been wearing Double Date.

  2. seems like the universe just wanted to mess with you that day. lol I adored Made With Love but Sweet Surprise made me think I buzzed a clowns head while my nails were still wet lol. I just can't get down with bar glitters. I need to find some time to use the other three.


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