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Spellbound Nails Harry Potter Book 2 Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello loves and welcome back. Happy Valentines Day! Do you ever start reading a book and get so into it that you have to force yourself to put it down? When I received the first version of this collection (this has been a long time coming) I broke down and started the Harry Potter series and that was totally me lol. So of course I'm super excited to share the  Harry Potter Book 2 Collection from Spellbound Nails.

(In case you guys weren't aware, she currently has the Book 1 collection in her shop and will be releasing five more in the future, one for each book.)

The Book 2 collection consist of seven polishes each inspired by Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. The makers description will be in italics. These released today, February 14th in her shop. What a great Valentines present for Potterheads! I used Revlon Gelshine topcoat for all polishes except one. 

Howlerinspired by - you guessed it - a Howler. Much like the one Mrs. Weasley sent Ron. This polish is a total glitter bomb! It's a mix of various sizes of red and white hex and square glitters. It looks like a Howler that tore itself apart after shouting it's message loud enough to make the rafters shake. I would be absolutely mortified if I received a howler, sending one on the other hand would be something I would do lol. This one seemed to have the thickest base but its not problematic. I used two coats over Zoya Kristen.

Acromantula: a glitter topper of orange and brown hexes, gold squares and spider leg bars.  This glitter is definitely a party trick as it takes a minute or two to charge under direct light and has a faint glow that is hard to see but you'll catch it out of the corner of your eye at unexpected moments. It makes me think of hundreds of spider eyes glinting at me from the dark and was too good not to add! I used one coat over black. I did let this sit upside down but I don't think it needs it, it has great glitter distribution.

Tom Riddle's Diary: a leathery black matte polish. Leave it matte or add top coat for a shimmery, blue sheen-ed black polish. This is definetly one of my favorites. I think I've worn this close to ten times since last June. I used three thin coats but you can get away with two. The first two photos are without topcoat.

Floo Powder: a powdery, ashy looking glitter topper of silver holographic shimmer and silver and lavender holo hexes that can build up nicely if needed. This polish also glows the bright green of an open floor in the dark. This is another favorite. I use it a lot for a sparkly pedi. I used two coats over Zoya Dove. 

Mudbloodinspired by the moment Malfoy calls Hermione a filthy little mudblood. Though it may be inspired by a horrible word this polish is nothing short of amazing - much like Hermione herself! Its a dirty bloody red jelly with holographic red hex glitters. This one had an amazing formula and you can get away with two coats.

Ford Anglia: a minty baby blue crelly with red, gold and ocean blue holographic glitter.  This polish was inspired by the infamous flying car belonging to the Weasley family. The car was used to rescue Harry from the Dursley's, fly Harry and Ron to Hogwarts, save the boys from the man-eating Acromantula ... and is now enjoying the wilds of the Forbidden Forest. A car doesn't get any more awesome and neither does a polish. This one is the sheerest of the bunch but it layered nicely at three coats.

Basilisk: a snake scale green with lime green, red and gold holographic glitters.  Inspired by the fearsome basilisk of Slytherin. It is recommended that you don't look too closely as we're not sure how much of the basilisk's killing gaze is contained within each bottle. 😉 I can't imagine having to come face to face with a basilisk but I love this polish! I used three thin coats but two should do.

I've known about this collection for quiet a long time and Ashley has put soooo much effort into it, I'm so happy that she's finally able to release it. There's not  polish I don't like but my favorites have to be Tom Riddles Diary, Floor Powder and Basilisk. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

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