Thursday, February 4, 2016

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish #9

*Press Sample*

Hello loves, welcome back. Are you guys having a happy Thursday? We're in the middle of what feels like a monsoon (obviously its not), and as a child of the sun its sucking out all my happy feels. Even this beautiful baby blue stamping polish from Born Pretty Store can't pull me from the depths.
This is color option #9 (Item #22328) and just like the other ones its thick and opaque. I once again tested it over black and white but it was kinda pointless since I ended up using it over black anyway.
The image I chose for this mani is from BM-619 and was designed by Chit Chat Nails. I really liked how the top slants and it's big enough that you can omit that if it bothers you. I decided to use it both ways. 
I know this is a very simple mani, just as my last one was, but it was the last in a string of attempts and I was dragging. But I think it showcases the polish nicely. Plus I love blue and black. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Born Pretty Store | $4.79 | Facebook | PANW10=10% OFF

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