Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stamping Saturdays #2- Born Pretty Store BP54

*Some products featured in this post were provided to me by the company in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. For more info you can view my disclosure policy here.*

Hello loves, and welcome back! This is my first post in almost a week because I had to order a new lamp for my lightbox, normally I could just go pick one up but I couldn't find any good ones at the store, so I had to wait for it to be shipped. Since I'm so behind today's post will be combining SS with a product review. I got a few Born Pretty Store plates in recently and the first one I have to share is BP54.

I'm sorry but are owls not one of the cutest things ever!? This plate two big full nail images on each side and a partial nail image in the middle (a dupe for the Winstonia W04 flower) with five individual images spread out over top and bottom. The only image that gave me trouble was the bottom left image, which I think is a dragon, and it was just a matter of scraping a little lighter and using a soft stamper. The rest of these stamped perfectly!

I could not resist using the full nail owl image with some bright colors. I decided to do it gradiated using MDU Orchid and Aqua. I loved how this came out.

I wish I had added a coat of Fairy Dust before the stamping to give it some sparkle but I'm totally in love with these. I'm gonna hate to take them off tomorrow but I've got some swatching to do. I'll have the plate buying info linked below (and a coupon code) in case you guys are interested. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. So adorable! Love the colors you chose to stamp with!

  2. Those owls stamped so well and there cute! I really like the leaf pattern on this plate.

  3. Wow! Those turned out fantastic! I love the gradient under the owls.

  4. Geez! Dying from the cuteness. I love owls. :) And it looks amazing with the gradient of colors.

  5. haha thank you Sarah <3 I wanted this especially for the owl images. I'm not sure if you've seen but they have a rectangle plate releasing on the 23rd with a bunch of owls. I'm still not sure if I want it because some of the images are a little weird lol.


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