Saturday, May 4, 2013

WetnWild Teal of Fortune

Hello ladies, I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday :)

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Todays post will be rather short, I had a few errands to run this morning and then I got caught up playing with polish when I got home. I know I could just wait until tomorrow to post but that would throw off my schedule and I hate that. So, without further adieu I give you WetnWild Teal of Fortune:

These swatches are a few weeks old so that's why the nails are so short. But I love how this polish looks on short nails, oh what the heck I love this polish all around! It has a nice jelly formula that builds nicely and has a great dry time. All pics are three coats with topcoat.
And then I stamped over it with Flirt white and SE plate 20:

I loved the final  look of this. I have been trying to get this stamp to work for almost a year now. And although I still need to work on my placement I think these turned out nice. Let me know what you think down below, I appreciate your feed back.

Also, I need your advice on some good alternatives to Seche Vite. I have become spoiled by the dry time but I am tired of how quickly it turns goopy. I am not getting through half the bottle before it goopes on me. So, I want to try something new. It must dry fast though. I am considering KBShimmer Clearly on Top and Simply Quick Top Coat. So, if you have an feedback on them or any other suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)



  1. I like NYC In a New York Minute top coat. I don't care for Seche Vite either! NYC dries pretty fast and it is only $1.99! Such a bargain!

    1. I've walked by that a million times, but I just figured it was like every other regular topcoat, slow drying. I'll have to pick it up :)


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