Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gelaze That's Shore Bright

*Purchased By Me*

Hello, loves. Long time no posty huh lol. Life is still life as im sure it is for all of you. I seemed to have worked out a schedule that gives me some spare time before work so hopefully I can get back to posting here at least once a week, well since its taken me almost a week and half to finish writing this post I think even that may be too ambitious.  Anyhow, if you follow my IG you know that I recently tried an at-home gel system and I've fallen in love! Today I have a swatch of one of my latest purchases Gelaze That's Shore Bright.

 This is two coats and I love how it has a sort of crelly finish. I do wish it were a tad bit brighter though. I thought this was supposed to be neon? Can you layer gel over a white gel base? I'm such a newb here, back to google I go lol. I really do love that I know my nails are totally dry once I'm done and I wont ding them on something and ruin one or more though! I still haven't attempted any nail art in a while, I'm sure I'll be rusty. I've watched countless videos on how to stamp over gel but I'm still really nervous to try it. Maybe I'll wait until I take my vacation at the end of April so I'll have plenty of time for trial and error.

I know I'm late to the party but have you tried a at-home gel system? I can't stop browsing all the different brands. Do you have any recommendations of your favorite ones? Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed ;)

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