Thursday, April 14, 2016

BPS Feline Water Decals

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Hello loves, welcome back. Before we get started I want to apologize for once again falling behind in posting. Unfortunately it may get worse. I start work full time tomorrow and until I get into a routine my posts will be terribly sporadic. This is a big step for me and hopefully will improve my blog in the future. Anyway, today I have the cutest cat decals from Born Pretty Store to showcase.

These are Item #22306 and I love that you get enough for four full manicures. I never have enough patience to use them for anything other than accents so these will last me a while. They were easy to apply and clean-up. My only complaint is the images are quite large and on shorter nails you lose quite a bit of it. They do work best over a white base.
I really couldn't resist using the orange tabby in the bandana. I wanted so bad to have dots on the rest of my nails to match but those were a disaster. Instead I settled for a paw print from Cheeky Jumbo 09. I used a white creme for the stamping but topcoat caused it to fade to grey.

Overall these decals are a win. I think I'll use one for my next pedi. Are you a fan of water decals? Also thank you for sticking around the past couple months and I really hope you'll continue to come back. As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

Born Pretty Store |$2.49 |Facebook|PANW10= 10 OFF

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