Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Revisited: KBShimmer Key Lime Pie

*Giveaway Prize*

Hello loves and welcome back. I have another revisited post for you today. I hope you're still enjoying these, I have a couple more planned out. Today's polish was my very first KBShimmer. I won it what seems like forever ago from Love for Lacquer.

 This beauty is over three years old and while the base does seem to have darkened (I thought it was a little lighter) it hasn't become hard to work with. I used three thin coats plus topcoat.

This really made me love KBShimmer polishes. Christy just has some sort of magic when it comes to making polish. There's not a collection that she's released where I haven't loved most of them. What do you ladies think? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

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