Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spellbound Nails Halloween 2015 Fight The Dead Collection SwatchandReview

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Hello loves and welcome back. I have another Spellbound Nails collection to show you today. This one is for Halloween 2015 and is inspired by one of my favorite shows: The Walking Dead.

This collection consists of 6 shades inspired by some of the most memorable, and my most beloved, moments of The Walking Dead. I used Seche Vite for all swatches. 

Fear the Living: "a deep purple jelly with various sizes of holographic lime green, navy glitters and evergreen glitters."
I turned to a guide on emotions associate with colors for this polish, I debated endlessly over the base color before deciding on purple which can mean power and dark purple is said to evoke gloom and sad feelings. Green was a given; it's associated with greed and envy so I added two shades. And while blue is usually a very good color it can also be associated with coldness and fear which is a perfect fit for this polish. In the world of The Walking Dead you don't fear the dead, you fight them. It's the living you fear- wheeled down to their most basic, desperate, unpredictable selves.
This one just screams Halloween to me. I used four coats to try to get the bottle color but you can get away with three. Not too thick or thin and very nice glitter distribution. Definetly one of my favorites. 

Bob-B-Que: "a blackened charcoal polish with fiery red, orange and silver holographic glitters."
Inspired, of course, by the Bob-B-Que had by the Terminus survivors. 
I knew I was gonna love this one when Ashley told me about this collection. "I knew Ioved you before I met you.." Lol sorry. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember seeing many black based jellies, I know I only have one other one. Again, not too thick or thin and it does seem a little darker in normal lighting if you're worried about the opacity. I used three coats. Those glitters just pop against the dark base and it really reminds me of a fire pit in the night. 

It's In Our Blood: "a bloody red polish with holographic lime green hexes."
Inspired by Dr. Edwin Jenner telling Rick that "It's in our blood; we're all carriers." I don't know why but I've always imagined the zombie virus as bits of bright green floating through blood so that's what I tried to create with this polish.
I didn't think I would enjoy this one but I kinda fell in love once I had it on. It also sorta reminds me of Christmas lol, it's multi-seasonal. Not too thick or thin but I once again did four coats trying to get it a little closer to the bottle color but you can away with three. 

You Look Rediculous: "a glitter topper filled with black and white skulls and a variety of white, black and blue glitter."
Inspired by the hilarious scene between Carol and Daryl after they make it to the Alexandria safe-zone and Carol attempts to blend in by looking like a soccer mom...only to be told looks rediculous by Daryl. This scene has become the perfect joke material for my family, and we never miss a chance to use it. Soccer mom she may look like but the skulls hidden in this polish represent the complete and total annihilation Carol can bring about at any given moment. The only thing that makes this scene better is knowing that the line was actually an ad-lib by Norman! I'm a huge Daryl/Norman fan, I mean who isn't? 
I chose to layer this one over Zoya Spencer to mimick her khakis. I didn't find it too thick or thin but I did have a bit of trouble getting the skulls to come out. That's not unusual with those types of glitters though. I used two coats and placed the skulls. I love the sparseness of the glitters. This one is easily a favorite. 

You're Gonna Miss Me: "a glitter topper filled with blue flake glitters. This polish also glows bright blue in the dark. Layer it over bare nails or a base color for a hint of sparkle in the day an a huge surprise at night."
Inspired by Beth and the guiding light she became for Daryl...and the horrible truth in her statement that he's gonna miss her when she's gone. I know it's not a popular opinion but I never cared for Beth 😯 As a hardcore Caryl shipper those episodes of Beth and Daryl together were my least favorite. 
With that said I really do like this polish. You all know how much I love shimmer polishes so how couldn't I love a topper that will tun my favorite cremes into shimmers? I layered two coats over SC Enchnated but I should have stopped at one when you could still tell the vase was purple. Not too thick or thin and wasn't streaky which can happen with some glow polishes. 
And the only thing that could make it better is the blue glow. This is about a two minute charge under my daylight bulb. I've got some nail art ideas for this one. 

Ricktatorship: "a shimmery light grey with a sprinkle of scattered holographic, silvet holographic micro-shreds and silver and red holographic hex glitters."
Inspired by the dictatorship of Rick; wrapped up in a pretty package Rick still seems to have the final day. 
This was another surprise favorite. I'm, again, in the unpopular category of not really caring for Rick, but I can't hold that against this polish. (I rarely like the main characters in any show) Grey is the perfect base for the mix of glitters and formula is perfect. Not too thick or thin. Three coats but you may get away with two. 

Writing this I realize that there wasn't one polish here that I didn't like. I'll definetly be breaking a couple of these out for the premier. Is it October 11th yet? Lol What do you ladies think? Do you have a favorite? These are already available in Ashley's shop so head on over and grab your faves. As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)

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