Sunday, June 15, 2014

SinfulColors Sugar Rush Spam

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Today I have the swatches of the three colors that I picked up a few weeks ago from SinfulColors Sugar Rush collection. These came out last year so the only place to probably find them in stores would be in Big Lots, which is where I found mine. You can find them on eBay but they are way pricey.
First up is Orange Cream. To me this look a little more on the peach side than orange. I needed three thin coats and I noticed the slightest bit of shimmer. I could only see it under my lamp or in direct sunlight though  :(

Next up is the namesake of the collection, Sugar Rush. This is such a beautiful blue. I used three thin coats for this one too. This was a straight up cream which kinda bummed me. It would have been gorgeous with some shimmer.

And lastly is Sweet Tooth. I again used three thin coats. This one also had a slight shimmer to it, and it does like to hide just like with OC. I created some, imo, super cute nail art with this that I can't wait to This may be my favorite shade of purple.

I'm seriously regretting not getting the other colors from this collection. Let's just hope they still have some more in stock the next time I make it into Big Lots. What do you ladies think? Do you have any from this collection? As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Those are some great shades you picked up from this collection. I really like them and want some now, lol.

  2. I am in search of a certain shade of light blue like this, maybe this is it... My Big Lots are pretty sad as far as beauty aisles go, though....a couple have a basket or bin full of black Sinful crackle, and little else... :S

  3. Mine is usually pretty sad but the past couple times it's been pretty nice. Hopefully they are starting to get their act together. I've seen people say that OPI Can't Find My Czechbook is a good dupe but to me the OPI seems a little darker. NYC Blue Sky is around the same just with shimmer. You can get this on Ebay for about $6, which is a little high but I guess not too bad if you can't find anything else you like.


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