Sunday, February 8, 2015

Born Pretty Store Multi-Chrome Polish, Swan Gitter & Lip Decals Review

*The products featured in this post were provided to me by the company in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. For more info you can view my disclosure policy here.*

Hello loves, and happy Sunday. Today I have some more items from Born Pretty Store to share with you. You guys know how much I love BPS for affordable nail art items, not to mention their free shipping! I know the long wait time is off putting for some but I don't find it any longer than most things from China. Today I have one of their new multi-chrome polishes, some swan glitter and lip shaped nail decals to show you.

First up we have one of their new multi-chrome polishes (ID #18623), which they call chameleon polish. I have the shade 217, which shifts from navy to purple to red to a golden green. I was only able to capture the navy to purple to red shifts but I haven't had as much experience as some with multi-chromes. But you can see the shift in the second bottle shot.
Unfortunately it's not opaque on it's own like some of the indie mcs so I had to layer two coats over a black. The formula was really nice though, not too thick or thin and dried fast. I did add a coat of topcoat. I also took way too man photos lol. It is $12.88 for 6ml so probably not something that I would purchase.

Next is the loose swan glitters (ID #16754) . This is only the second time I've worked with loose glitters and I'm warming up to them. These were slightly thicker than the last ones I had and were a little harder to bend so that they would lay against my nail. They are 7mm in size and have a matte finish. I got the color 0599 which is a slate grey color.
photo from Born Pretty Store
I decided to use them to create a SwanQueen manicure. If you watch Once Upon A Time then you are probably familiar with SQ. On the index nail I stamped the beetle like car from Pueen38 which I filled in with Zoya Daisy (should have done two coats) to represent Emma's car. On my middle finger I stamped the crown from BP-L008 and then placed the swan glitter underneath it. I did have to cut the end of the glitter since it was too long for my nail. The ring is just some hearts (Pueen41), and the pinky has an appple stamped with Orly Poisn Apple and W118 to represent Regina. My base was the multi-chrome from BPS.

I was in love with how this turned out!

And finally, my least favorite thing that I was sent, some Valentine's themed water decals (ID #17367). I just really didn't like these because you must cut really close to the actual image as you can get since they have a white background that stays on them. I thought at first that I was doing something wrong and I used them three times before I finally figured out that's how they are made. If you don't cute extremely close to the image and create a smooth edge it just looks sloppy.
 I used them over SC Go Go Girl. These are option BLE2123.

While the decals really aren't for me the other items were really nice. I definitely look forward to using the glitters again. What do you ladies think? All the buying info will be linked below and don't forget you can use the code PANW10 for 10% off your purchase. As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed :)


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