Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zoya Matte Velvets Trio

Hello ladies, I hope you are staying warm with all this terrible cold weather we all seem to be getting :)

*The products in this post were won in a giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own. For more info you can view my disclosure policy here.*

I sure you have already seen these, and I know you have if you follow me in Instagram, but I'm always excited for new Zoyas so I have to showcase them here. I won these from Punky's Polish as part of ColorSutraa's 2000 Likes giveaway. Also, I'm sorry for showing these are they are no longer available. :(

I also apologize for the varying nail lengths, I actually wore these instead of just swatching them :)

 The formula on these were identical, and spectacular. I had no application issues and since they are matte they dry super fast! I will say though that you do need to load a little more polish on the brush than you'd normally use and fewer brush strokes, but that's not a problem to me. I used two coats for all but if you go thicker I think you could get away with one.

Posh: "ruby red matte shimmer"

Savita: "amethyst purple matte shimmer"

Veruschuka: "emerald green matte shimmer"

This trio rocked my socks! I would love to get my hands on the other shades but my cheapie soul won't let me pay eBay prices. I might splurge on the black one though. I really wish Zoya would make these permanent, I think every matte lover should own these. The wear was phenomenal, I wore Savita for four days and the only chip or tip wear I had came from trying to change phone cases. At least make a matte topcoat with the same stay power. I'm actually surprised they haven't yet seeing as almost every other big company has.

If you just have to get some of these I recommend Savita and Veruschuka as my favorites. What do you ladies think? Let me know. As always, thanks for stopping by, an I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Wow! That is great wear time for a matte polish! I'm lucky if I can get a matte polish to least more than a day!

  2. Most other mattes I've used or topcoats I get chips by the second day. I think if they would just make a tc with the same formula it's be a big hit.

  3. That greeeeeeen!!! Since my broke ass didn't want to spend more money on polish, I ended up passing on it and now I'm a sad panda. Congrats on winning these!

  4. I know right, maybe the best green I own. :( Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll bring them back again, or there's always the devil itself: eBay haha Of course that doesn't really help you save any more for your trip lol
    Thank you, I was surprised that I won them, never seem to have much luck winning Zoyas.


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