Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Is This Thing On?


Anyone there?

I've really been missing blogging lately but my the thing that is bugging me is does anyone read nail blogs anymore or is everything just Instagram swatches now? I was recently on Bloglovin and my feed is dead! All my favorite bloggers shut their blogs down years ago. I only know of two or three of the OGs that still post and they have only a few comments on their newer post. Have we all become so consumed with life that we don't have time to read anymore? Or is it just a lack of interest? From all the polish pages it doesn't seem like that.

My favorite bloggers back in the day not only had gorgeous pictures but they were storytellers. They shared not only their love of polish with us but also little tidbits of their life. It made it feel more like an actual community. It was great to read about people who were going through some of the same struggles but to also learn about things that you may never had encountered otherwise. One of my favorites was Fingers Polish Mania. She shared all kinds of stories: from dating, her job as an oncology nurse, life with a colostomy bag and of course cats.

I guess all this just to say I miss this and to put out a feeler to see if there is enough interest here to bother coming back. Or should I just stick to Instagram? What do you guys think? Let me know below (if you even see this lol) 

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